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Data Career Coaching Service

Data Career Coaching Service

Industry experts help you get into the big data industry

Have you learned data science or data engineering skills but have been unable to enter the industry? Are you looking for expert guidance on how to enter the industry? DANGER provides professional career coaching services to help you find your ideal job in the field of big data. Through our all-rounded support, you will be able to tackle with career development challenges and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Service features

✅ Personalized planning: We tailor a coaching plan based on your situation to help you find the career development path that best suits you.

✅ Industry insights: We regularly provide you with the latest developments and trend analysis of the big data industry to help you better identify employment opportunities.

✅ Efficient support: Our team provides you with efficient service support to ensure that you can obtain the latest workplace information in a timely manner.

All-rounded support to help you get job offers

Resume Upgrade (3 times)
Better showcase your skills and experience and attract more employers to offer you interviews.
Mock Interview (3 times)Help you understand the interview process, improve interview skills, and reduce embarrassment during interviews.
Meeting Industry expert
(1 times)
Help you understand the latest developments and trends in the industry and improve your competitiveness.
Technical Interview Case Study (3 copies)Help you understand the specific content of technical interviews and improve your programming skills.

Pricing Plan

All-Rounded Support


  • Resume Upgrade
  • Mock Interviews
  • Meeting with Industry experts
  • Technical Interview Case Study

Get an interview


  • Resume Upgrade