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Corporate Solution

Provide corporate training, digital transformation solutions and data analytics and management services

Corporate Training

Increase digital competitiveness

We provide professional big data analysis and programming training to improve the ability of enterprise employees to process data. Trained employees can use programming skills to simplify process to improve work efficiency, they can also extract useful information from big data to help companies find business opportunities or improve operations.

We can help to apply government RTTP funding scheme.

Introduction to Python Programming (20 hours)

Level up trainees with the basic Python programming skills and apply in their daily work to increase work productivity.

Data Analytic Training Program (50 hours)

Equip trainees with the full-stack data analytic skills to explore opportunities including Machine Learning and BI Visualization.

Data Visualization with BI tools (10 hours)

Level up trainees with technical skills to clean, visual and analyze data with BI tools including Power BI and Tableau.

Data Engineering Training Program (50 hours)

Equip trainees with the full-stack data engineering skills to build data infrastructure including SQL Database and ETL Pipeline with Cloud.

RPA Developers with Python & UiPath (20 hours)

Level up trainees with the technical skills to automate repetitive tasks with Python programming and RPA tools.

AI Engineering Training Program (50 hours)

Equip trainees with the AI engineering skills to provide AI solutions including AI models pre-training, fine-tuning and deployment.

Data Analytic and Management Service

Create business value with data

We use our expertise to provide data analysis and management solutions for enterprises. We can create the data pipelines and databases required to process data according to your business needs, and perform data synthesis and analysis, so that your team can make data-driven business decisions.

Customer Analytics and Reporting

We help clients discover useful business information from data and convert it into quantifiable business indicators.

Marketing Measurement

We help clients increase effectiveness of marketing dollars in campaigns.

Data Processing and Management

We help clients build architecture to process and manage data from collection to storage.

GenAI for Business

We provide our clients with artificial intelligence solutions and tailor solutions for specific business needs.

Corporate Digital Transformation Solution

Provide innovative customer experience

We use our expertise to provide digital transformation solutions for enterprises, serving customers ranging from international brands to local SMEs. Whether it is website development, online to offline customer experience, AR augmented reality experience or AI scene application, we can provide tailor-made solutions.

We can help to apply government Technology Voucher Programme (TVP).

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Virtual customer engagement
  • Animated IG Filter
  • AR Gaming
  • Virtual Showroom
Digital customer journey
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Event website / mobile apps
  • Photo booth
O2O customer experience
  • Personalized recommendation
  • Web3 loyalty programs
Interactive smart device
  • Smart wristbands
  • Smart cameras
  • Interactive displays

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