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Business Analytic: Database Query

Explore the power of asking the database directly on what you want and discover insights, in 12 hours

Manage and visualize big data in a quicker and safer way

With the advent of a data-driven world, the amount of data continues to increase, many businesses store their information inside a large relational database/data-warehouse. Excel Spreadsheet is good for presentations and small analyses but it is inadequate for Big Data analysis. In this course, you will learn basic database language and the mechanism of database. At the end of the course, you will be capable of retrieving data from databases and discovering insights with handy analysis tools as a data analyst.

Navigate and visualize the database for big data analysis

Course Code: de04
Total unit: units
Medium of teaching: Cantonese
Price: $1800/6 sessions
Homework time: 1 to 2 hours per week
For who: Analyst who would like to retrieve and visualize data directly from database for big data analysis


We teach you employable Programming skills, not just knowledge, step by step

SQL database manipulation
  • Concept of relational database
  • CREATE and ALTER the data in database
  • UPDATE and DELETE the data in database
SQL data queries
  • SELECT the data WHERE we want
  • Identify DISTINCT values
  • Filter values BETWEEN a range, LIKE similar values and ORDER BY particular order
SQL aggregate functions
  • Find COUNT, SUM, MAX and MIN values
  • GROUP BY data by certain characteristics
Multiple tables operations
  • Combine the tables with INNER JOINS and LEFT JOINS
  • Combine the tables with CROSS JOIN and UNION

Course Structure

High value 6 lessons package

3 Lectures

You will learn all the essential concepts during these lectures. Lectures sound boring, but not in DANGER! Come with your laptop, you will need to move your fingers over what you have learnt 90 percent of the time in lectures.

2 Hands-on exercises

You will practice what you have learnt on the real-world industry use cases and case studies we have designed for you. You can never actually learn programming before you try these challenges.

1 Exam

After completing a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, let us review how much you have achieved and earn the Certificate to prove your success.

Course Features

More than online course and Exceed your expectation

Real-Time Interaction

Online course provides you with scripted code without any bugs. Our teaching team provides you with immediate feedback to fix the bugs and difficulties encountered during programming. Through frequent interaction, we ensure every student is on track (even if you attend the lecture remotely!)

Computational Thinking

To master programming, the way of thinking is more important than memorizing language syntax. Focusing on Computation Thinking, the most valuable element in programming we believe, our course will lead you to the right way of learning programming.

The computer is incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Man is incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. The marriage of the two is a force beyond calculation.

Leo Cherne

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    1 Year of exp.
    Develop applications of larger scale; Possess cross-domain knowledge
    DE05: Machine Learning
    (10 weeks; normal pacings)


    2 Years of exp.
    Work well with other developers; Familiar with collaboration tools
    DE50: Algorithm and system design
    (10 weeks; normal pacings)


    3 Years of exp.
    Master in a specific domain, develop in fast and accurate manner


    5 Years of exp.
    Familiar in multiple domain; Perform system design; Develop optimized and well-organized program and system