Big Data & AI Accelerator

Fill the Gaps in 2 months

In 2-month part-time mode, we will equip you with the hands-on technologies needed to fill the gaps to drive financial innovation initiatives and increase competitiveness. In PREPARATION, you will pre-study basic programming knowledge. In CORE, you will learn the five key technologies with case studies. Finally in CONTINUE, you will continue to learn the latest technologies via our online platform. The goal is to apply what you have learnt immediately in daily operations in the financial industry.

DANGER Eduction: Big Data in TechFin Program


Prepare for future financial services priorities

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  • New year offer: HK$15,000 HK$9,000
Course Code: de6001
Medium of teaching: English & Cantonese
For who: Advancing career in financial industry or joining the financial industry
Before Start: pre-study basic programming
2-months: upskill with five key technologies
Ongoing: learn the latest technologies
CORE (2 Months)
Module 1: Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Learn network concepts including the OSI model, TCP/IP and HTTP. Understand webpage langagues such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with their significance in web automation. Gain hands-on experience in web scraping using Python libraries like Requests, BeautifulSoup, Selenium for browser automation and robot prevention mechanisms like ReCaptcha. Finally learn how to automate desktop applications like MS Word, Excel, and Outlook to streamline repetitive tasks using low-code RPA tools like UiPath.
  • Case Studies: Excel & Web automation with UiPath
Module 2: Open banking and Application programming interface (API)
  • Explore key data transmission formats, including JSON, XML, and SOAP. Understand fundamentals of HTTP requests and the differences between the GET and POST methods. Learn parameter passing techniques with URL encoding vs JSON. Learn different types of APIs, with a focus on REST and GraphQL. Provides insights into the government and quasi-government frameworks such as HKMA's Open API Framework, the HKAB common baseline for TSPs and the HKAB phase III standards. Finally introduce The Science Park Data Studio repository, the APIX Open API Exchange Platform and sandbox arrangements.
  • Case Studies: FPS, CBDC, eHKD
Module 3: Big data storage and manipulation
  • Explore the distinction between online transaction processing (OLTP) vs online analytical processing (OLAP) systems. Understand traditional relational databases, the emergence of NoSQL databases and the difference between data lakes, data warehouses, and data marts. Introduce the concept of distributed data storage and processing with Hadoop family, Apache Spark, Databricks and Delta table.
  • Case Studies: Building Data Pipeline with Big Data
Module 4: Machine learning & AI
  • Introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and data science and its applications. Learn Supervised Learning (regression vs classification tasks, weight-based vs tree-based algorithms), Unsupervised Learning (dimensionality reduction, clustering, and recommender systems) and Deep Learning (neural network, pretrained models from Hugging Face). Finally learn how to enhance model performance with Feature Engineering and Evaluiation Metrics.
  • Case Studies: Credit score prediction, propensity modeling for financial products
Module 5: Distributed ledger technology
  • Explore hash functions and public-private key pair encryption as fundamental building blocks of DLT. Examine blockchain technology, including its structure and components, consensus algorithms such as Proof-of-Work (PoW) vs Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Learn Smart Contracts and Solidity programming for blockchain development, the debate between centralization vs decentralization. Finally highlight DLT applications in the finance industry.
  • Case studies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Boring APE NFT Contract


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1. Learning Experience
Pre-program consultation
Onsite lectures
Remote lectures
Lectures materials
5+ assignments
100+ knowledge quiz
Online learning portal
Lifetime access to materials
Certificate by DANGER
Daily campus self-study
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Discount on top-up to Big Data bootcamp
3. Career Support
1 career planning
1 portfolio project
Lifetime career advice
On-demand job referral
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Campaign Offer with rebate HK$9,000
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Course Structure

End-to-end support for your career

1. Career Consultation

Not sure how to achieve your career goal? Our career coach with industry experience will listen and advise the best solution during 1-on-1 consultation

2. Lectures

Join our lectures and learn as much as you can from our experienced instructors under each specialised topic

3. Online Learning Portal

Revisit the key concepts learnt in program through our interactive online portal, anytime and anywhere

HKMA Fintech 2025

Expanding the fintech-savvy workforce is one of the key strategy in "Fintech 2025" published by HKMA to drive fintech development in Hong Kong.


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Industry Instructors Support

Our curriculum is designed by industry instructors, covering both business, data science and data engineering. We ensure graduates are equipped with the skills demanded by the employers.

Job Hunting Support

At the end of the program, we will work with career coach to help you get your next job, including project presentation, resume workshop, mock interview and career events (e.g. networking, seminars).

Graduates Community Support

Once you graduate, you belong to the DANGER community and have access to our exclusive alumni network including experience sharing, job opportunities and any career events.

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