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Want to switch to a high-growth big data roles or equip with data science skills to enhance your job market competitiveness, but hesitate because you do not have programming experience and an IT degree?

Wondering why you still cannot join the data industry even you have learnt Python and SQL online for a while?

DANGER helps you upgrade to become a data analyst or data engineer. Start from scratch and complete in 5 months, no programming experience or IT degree required!

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Winson has an engineering background, he was studying university year 1 by the time he joined DANGER Bootcamp. In order to increase his competitiveness, he joined the bootcamp in year 2021 to equip himself with big data skills. During the course, he designed a system to analyse the price of mobile phones. After finishing the course, he was employed by a number of companies as a part-time namely new energy company, AI start up and large telecommunication company.

Winson Mak | Graduated 2022 | PCCW

Dickson has a business background. Before joining DANGER Bootcamp, he worked in a Chinese financial institution. In order to speed up his career progression, he joined the Bootcamp to acquire big data skills. He completed his study by designing an AML workflow automation system. He soon landed himself in a data analyst role in an international investment bank.

Dickson Ko | Graduated 2022 | Deutsche Bank
Ken has a business background. By the time he joined DANGER bootcamp, he worked in a digital marketing company. Since he wished to switch his career, he joined DANGER bootcamp and eventually developed a KOL recommender system. After the course, Ken was referred by DANGER to join Ztore as a data engineer. Ken is now pursuing a master’s degree in computer science in HKU.

Ken Chu | Graduated 2022 | TVB

Solutions for your different needs

Upgrade your career

Big Data & AI Bootcamp

Become Data Analyst or Data Engineer

  • 5-months part-time program
  • Comprehensive training
  • Custom portfolio project
  • Obtain industry certificates
  • Career support

Upskill in Big Data

Online Learning

Raise your competitiveness

  • Flexible and interactive learning mode
  • Purpose-driven trainings
  • Live tutor and AI Q&A channel
  • Cantonese teaching support

Find your ideal job

Career Coaching

Help you get job offers

  • Resume upgrade
  • Mock interview
  • Expert meeting
  • Technical interview study

Free Consultation

DANGER training features

1. Big Data & AI focus

2. Live & AI Tutoring

3. Cantonese Support

4. Industry Application

5. Data Career Support

6. Industry Certificates

Why DANGER Bootcamp is your first choice

Online CoursesOther
CurriculumBasic CodingDevelop SoftwareFocus on big data transformation only
InstructorVideoFull-timeIndustry instructor sharing the latest market information
IndustryN/AIT industryConnected with all industries
AlumniN/ASelf-reliantStrong bonding sharing working experience

No idea how to start?

In the era of AI and big data, many industries are emphasizing the use of data analysis to increase business or save costs by work automation. Python Programming, SQL databases and even the use of AI or ChatGPT are becoming the required skills for job qualification.

With this new opportunity, many people want to switch careers to join big data or AI-related roles. However, it is difficult for them due to the lack of data science & programming skills. Many people try to learn Python Programming online, but have been stuck at the level of interest and unable to apply what they have learnt to work without the clear learning system and entry path.

Bootcamp transform your career

Learn from Industry Instructors

Waste your time and tuition fees on other courses?

There are many different Data Science bootcamps or Python online courses, but generally they teach fancy but low-demand skills with superficial content. In addition, the instructor lacks industry working experience and lacks understanding of the skills that will be used in actual work. With the expensive Data Science bootcamps, students wasted both tuition fees and time in the end.

DANGER successfully transformed students career

DANGER provides different levels of big data and AI trainings. Since 2019, we have trained more than 300 big data talents from different industries in Hong Kong. In addition to helping students transform their big data career and become Data Analyst or Data Engineer, we also provide corporate training and design business digital transformation solutions for many enterprises.

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Looking for a low-cost solution?

Hesitate to enroll in Big Data Bootcamp because of Python Programming? Or want to equip big data skills in a low-cost way first?

We understand your concerns. The good news is that DANGER provides an online learning platform where students can learn Python Programming for free or upgrade to Professional access to learn big data skills.