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Get hired with Data Engineering in 4 months

In 6-month part-time mode, we will equip you with the skills required for entry level in four parts: In FUNDAMENTAL, you will learn the programming tools and data knowledge necessary for data engineer; In CORE, you will apply what you have learnt through four designed data analysis cases; In ENHANCED, you will deep-dive into data engineering training and prepare for professional certification; Finally in JOB, we will provide you with the technique to pass the job hunting. The goal is to help you start the first big data job after completing the bootcamp.

Big Data & Engineering Bootcamp


Gain data industry recognition

Databricks Certified Data Analyst Associate

After completing the core training, you can perform introductory data analysis tasks with Databricks and be ready for the certfication.

Databricks Certified Machine Learning Associate

After completing the enhanced training, you can perform basic machine learning tasks with Databricks and be ready for the certfication.

Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate

After completing the enhanced training, you can perform introductory data engineering tasks with Databricks and be ready for the certfication.


From Beginner to Practitioner

Course Code: de5002
Medium of teaching: English & Cantonese
For who: Transform into a Data Engineer or Work with Big Data with focus on data engineering skills
Before Start: Pre-study bootcamp materials
2-months: Programming and Data foundation
2-months: Gen AI and ML Applications
1-month: Build Custom Portfolio for Career
3-weeks: Prepare Certification
1-month & Ongoing: Coach for Job Hunting
Module 1: Big Data Fundamental
  • Learn big data analysis framework (EDA, data mining) and basic statistics, including statistical characteristics, probability distribution and sampling methods. Analyze the information behind the data from different angles, such as exploratory analysis, inferential analysis, causal analysis, etc.
Module 2: Python Programming
  • Learn to write programs from basic syntax to using advanced libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn to process tables, arrays and images. Use libraries such as BeautifulSoup, Selenium to interact with web pages and collect data.
Module 3: Development Tools
  • Use IDE and AI tools to enhance programming capabilities, including running programs on virtual environment (anaconda, virtualenv) with PyCharm, co-programming and versioning through Github, Gitlab, using AI tools such as ChatGPT debugging program and Code Interpreter for Copilot.
Module 4: Linux Operation
  • Learn command line operations includes using gcloud CLI and AWS CLI to connect cloud services or remotely control virtual machines. Use SSH protocol to establish secure connections with remote servers. Control files and file access permissions for cybersecurity.
Module 5: Structured Query Language (SQL) and Alternative Data storage
  • Learn different data storage such as database, data warehouse & data lake. Use SQL such as PostgreSQL, Spark SQL to create, modify, filter and arrange data, combine different tables through joins and union, and perform aggregation calculations such as max, min, group by. Learn popular databases such as Big Query, MySQL, MongoDB.
Module 6: Data Visualization
  • Use popular visualization tools such as Power BI, Tableau to connect data pipelines to automatically import data, and create dashboards to present data analysis results by dragging & dropping.

CORE (2 Months)
Application 1: Data collection and Databricks data processing & analysis
  • Use Data Management Platform (DMP) to collect and organize customer data, and cooperate with Google Analytics , Google Ads to identify customer behavior patterns. Import data of different audience groups into Databricks for data processing and analysis. Learn Databricks SQL services such as Delta Lake, Data Explorer and use SQL in Lakehouse to complete data work. Learn data processing tools such as Hadoop, Hive, Spark, and how to create scheduling jobs with cron.
Application 2: Customer Relationship Management with Machine Learning
  • Use popular machine learning models such as k-means clustering, XGBoost, logistic regression for customer segmentation and sentiment analysis. Learn popular machine learning tools scikit-learn.
Application 3: Inventory and Sales Prediction with Time Series Forecasting
  • Use the statistical model ARIMA and regression models to predict product inventory and sales. Learn statistical modeling tool statsmodels.
Application 4: Data Engineering and Deploying Machine Learning Models
  • Use cloud computing GCP, AWS, Azure, cooperate with Flask, API provision, AWS Sagemaker and other tools to deploy machine learning models as web services. Learn how to use Docker, AWS ECS to containerize programs to improve deployment flexibility.

Enhanced Training (30-hours)
Data Engineer Training: ETL Data pipeline with Databricks
  • Use Databrick data engineering tools such as Delta Lake, Delta Live Tables, Unity Catalog to build data pipeline to import and convert data in different formats (CSV, JSON), manage data storage structures, and arrange work scheduling and data governance. Learn Airflow to arrange data job scheduling. Manage and operate containerized programs through cloud services such as AWS EKS, GCP GKE with Kubernetes

  • Target Certification: Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate


Two Options fulfill your purpose

Standard Bootcamp for New CareerLight Bootcamp for Skill Upgrade
1. Learning Experience
Pre-camp consultation
Onsite + Remote + Video Replay lectures
16 workshops + 10 assignments + 100 knowledge quiz
5 bootcamp projects + 1 custom project for portfolio
Lifetime Online learning portal access
Personal academic scorecard + Certificate by DANGER
Unlimited tutoring support + Lifetime bootcamp access
Daily campus self-study
2. Enhanced Training with Databricks Certification
3-weeks knowledge boost
Certificate exam preparation
Certificate mock exam
3. Career Support
1 career planning
8 regular coaching
Unlimited resume upgrade
Unlimited mock interview
On-demand job referral
FDM program acceleration
Standard Price

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Course Structure

End-to-end support for your new career

1. Career Consultation

Not sure how to achieve your career goal? Our career coach with industry experience will listen and advise the best solution during 1-on-1 consultation

2. Lectures

Join our lectures and learn as much as you can from our experienced instructors under each specialised topic

3. Workshops

Join our workshops and practice what you have learnt together with your classmates like a real data analyst

4. Online Learning Portal

Revisit the key concepts learnt in bootcamp through our interactive online portal, anytime and anywhere

5. Showcase Portfolio

Work on your custom project under the supervision of our experienced instructors to build your showcase portfolio for future job reference

6. Career Support

Our industry network, partnership with recruiters, networking events, resume preparation and mock interview will help you find the first data job

Course Outcome

Choose your new career path

Data Analyst

Become a data analyst to solve business problems by gathering and interpreting data. You will present your findings by putting together visualizations like charts and graphs.

Data Engineer

Become a data engineer to build and maintain the analytics infrastructure. You will organize the collection, processing and storing of data from different sources.

Empower your current role

Step up in your current role with data science and data engineering skills like task automation, job scheduling and result prediction.

Why DANGER Bootcamp

Professional Big Data Bootcamp elevates your career

Industry Instructors Support

Our curriculum is designed by industry practitioners, covering both business, data science and data engineering. We ensure bootcamp graduates are equipped with the skills demanded by the employers.

Career Coaching Support

At the end of the bootcamp, we will work with career coach to help you get your first job, including project presentation, resume workshop, mock interview and career events (e.g. networking, seminars).

Alumni Community Support

Once you graduate, you belong to the DANGER community and have access to our exclusive alumni network including experience sharing, job opportunities and any career events.

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    1 Year of exp.
    Develop applications of larger scale; Possess cross-domain knowledge
    DE05: Machine Learning
    (10 weeks; normal pacings)


    2 Years of exp.
    Work well with other developers; Familiar with collaboration tools
    DE50: Algorithm and system design
    (10 weeks; normal pacings)


    3 Years of exp.
    Master in a specific domain, develop in fast and accurate manner


    5 Years of exp.
    Familiar in multiple domain; Perform system design; Develop optimized and well-organized program and system

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